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Saturday, 24-Nov-2012 16:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sony Ericsson x10i Android high-end machines falling 200

(Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports) on October 22, 2010, Sony Ericsson X10i (revision) in the business today, "Zhongguancun special cell phone network" of 2,699 dollars are reported under the latest price, And zhiqian price 2,899 Yuan compared to again big drop 200 Yuan. the machine accessories for single electric single filled, headset, data line and posted film. Sony Ericsson X10i is a paragraph configuration full mainstream of Andriod system smart phone. figure for Sony Ericsson X10i Sony Ericsson X10i used bar full touch screen modeling, appearance atmospheric fashion. fuselage positive is a 65,000 color 4 inches of TFT touch screen, resolution up to 480x854 pixel, Displayed effect excellent. in its behind equipped with has a shells 8.1 million pixel camera, support automatically focus, and distribution has LED fill light lamp operation, overall imaging quality well. Sony Ericsson X10ii aboard has Android1.6 of smart operating system, CPU frequency up to 1GHz, machine run speed natural smooth, while common of WIFI,GPS and Bluetooth, features also are has reflected, overall performance full mainstream. figure for Sony Ericsson X10i Photo Sony Ericsson X10i listing date March 2010 Sony Ericsson X10i phone standard GSM,WCDMA size 4-inch main screen main screen parameters 480x854-pixel touch screen capacitive touch screen (does not support multi-touch) operating system Android OS v1.6CPU memory frequency 1024MHz fuselage 384MB RAM 1024MB memory card MicroSD card camera LED flash support with 8.1 million pixel digital zoom digital zoom 16 times times editorial comments: Sony Ericsson X10i is the leading arm of Sony Ericsson products, body shape fashion atmosphere, configure full mainstream 4-inch capacitive touch display, 8.1 million pixel camera, mainstream Android 1.6 intelligent operating system, frequently used features such as WIFI and GPS, Have X10i machine overall practical performance. today the machines down 200 Yuan again, reported the 2,699 worth of the latest price, like friends may wish to consider. Sony Ericsson X10i (revised)[ reference price]2699 [] Zhongguancun sales businesses special mobile-phone] 13810679102[ stores[ businesses address] Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun, sitong building, Room 7-703 (hailongnan 20 m)Above phone quotes are for actual purchased price, if you found this in the of dealer to out of quotes and text in the inconsistent or parallel cannot provides three months shop insurance, please pulling playing complaints phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) * because phone price exists fluctuations, therefore complaints accepted period for since articles publishing of day up of 10 days within.

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Dual-core -3D-large screen full list European smart phone top

Hand in took with own worked hard saved Xia of money wanted to purchase a paragraph Roses of smart phone can said is now many netizens of intentions. how in this vast of phone model among fast of select own of products became has many user concern of focus. recently abroad media IntoMobile is selection out has European area five large smart phone, this five paragraph products are is has normal listed, and price also comparison suitable of products, a up look at 's. 1:Samsung GALAXY S IISamsung GALAXY S II this phone names that we do not have much to say, as is currently Andorid system one of the most powerful products. this machine 8.49 mm thickness for iPhone 4 to be ashamed, and the GALAXY S II screen to upgrade to 4.3-inch WVGA-level and screen material by using a Super AMOLED Plus, And Orion is upgraded to a dual-core processor, and therefore has been rapid growth in performance. at present the phone sales have exceeded the 5 million units were selling like hotcakes 85 days, won the first prize to justly. 2:HTC SensationHTC Sensation Sensation is HTC's first dual-core processor, pick-up Sense3.0 UI interface is the first mobile phone, But the Sensation is very important for high-throughput is HTC products. Sesantion overall hardware configuration is also very good, in Sensation is not to let this month has risen to second place. 3:LG Optimus 3DLG Optimus 3D LG product always inadvertently let us surprise. the Optimus 3D biggest gimmick is "naked-eye 3D" Technology. This is the 3D effect on output from the CPU rather than go before we of 2D-d, so in effect has received a great deal of lifting. this machine is LG's first 3D screen, 3D dual camera product. built-in a variety of Gameloft 3D game is also seen as the dawn of 3D. 4: Apple iPhone 4 this product I do not want to say any more, Apple has illustrated quarterly sales of 23 million Taiwan a problem: human beings have been unable to prevent iPhone. 5:LG Optimus 2XAnother LG product development code LG Star, this is the world's first dual-core mobile phone. this machine adopts a 4-inch WVGA resolution screen, and back 8 million pixels camera. Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processors first public appearance, Optimus 2X is still very good finished his mission. at present the price of machines is also declining, therefore this month ranked v. The foreign media recommended by Intomobile listed were selling like hotcakes in TOP 5 Smartphone is already in Europe, for European users extremely has the reference value, while for domestic players also believe that an understanding of the current mobile market.

Friday, 2-Nov-2012 15:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Avant-garde style wide screen LG bl40 mobile phone out of the b

In this page read full text (total 9 page) in many phone factory in the, LG is is is good at create image of manufacturers. by first generation chocolate machine since, annually masterpiece "black marked" series always let people impression deep. this year LG has first 8.1 million art pigment camera Viewty Smart beats by dre pro pas cher, and has playing transparent keyboard of GD900, end of New Chocolate BL40, more loaded Shang 21:9 cinemas type wide screen, thin wide wide long long black Black of 800x345 large screen, There is a feeling in the future. BL40 will be at the end of this month in Taiwan launched Hong Kong listed earlier, ePrice transoceanic immediately out of the box and try, Taiwan fans a glimpse! ▲ LG official said BL40 is Black Label Series fourth generation, you also can called it new chocolate New Cholocate ▲ LG in Hong Kong held Conference ▲ with phone as, machine box is thin long long type design ▲ open outside box, phone lying in this, aside has accessories package, packaging still carefully pay attention to, like past LG variety high phone ▲ Hong Kong version of standard equipped with: double battery, and battery block filled, and charger beats by dre, and MicroUSB connector and 3.5mm in-ear stereo headphones. uniform is black, with the mobile phone is equipped with.

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Highlight the humanistic sharp sense of sought to smartphones

Read the full text on this page (3 pages) in 2012 Japan mobile operators launch new in summer, we can easily find sharp devoid of intelligent machine. au KDDI alone, for example, has the world's first and flagship models that support FeliCa and NFC AQUOS PHONE CL IS17SH of AQUOS PHONE SERIE ISW16SH type, equipped with memory LCD and keypad slide Smartphone AQUOS Three models of PHONE SL IS15SH. AQUOS PHONE SERI ISW16SH (this picture is from D mobile) AQUOS PHONE CL IS17SHAQUOS PHONE SL IS15SH present intelligent machines to road, market competition is also growing, sharp was by virtue of how to consider these three models into the market? Just let Sharpe to tell us.

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Interview with pain and happiness ophone unicast thinking from

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